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The two sides to the Direct Mail coin

Did you know that we offer two different types of Direct Mail campaigns and that they differ depending on the information available to you? No? Then let’s start with a simple question:

Do you have address data?

Great, Addressed Direct Mail it is!

Or are you targeting a location/demographic?

No problem, read on for more information!


What’s the difference?

Addressed Direct Mail

Addressed Direct Mail is exactly as it sounds; we send your campaign to your pre-determined address list; this could consist of current clients and customers or ones you’re looking to re-engage.

DoorDrop Mail

DoorDrop Mail means we send your campaign to postcode sectors selected by you; we can even provide demographic analysis to make sure we’re hitting the right areas. These campaigns are perfect when you’re looking to grow your customer base.

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What are the benefits?

Why use Direct Mail?

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