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Queen Mary’s School


What was the goal?

Queen Mary’s School is an independent day and boarding school in Yorkshire, covering Pre-Prep through to Senior School. They were looking for an innovative way of generating interest amongst prospective parents, so we proposed a DoorDrop campaign.

Our approach

Things we considered

We located postcode sectors with high concentrations of the school’s target audience, which were further split into two categories:

Pre-Prep target:

Prep and Senior target:

Our solution

How did we help?

What we did

Each postcode sector within the drivetime area was ranked against each of the target criteria with a simple scoring metric. Queen Mary’s School then reviewed the data we gathered, and they selected the most relevant postcodes to send to.


The demographic insight ensures that we sent to areas with more homes that were likely to convert, resulting in the mailer having maximum impact when it lands through the door.

The outcome

What happened?

The results

Our client received excellent short-term results, with two immediate admissions from families who responded specifically to the DoorDrop.

The campaign has also helped their longer-term pipeline; it generated a 133% increase in enquiries during the month that the mailer was sent compared to the year before.

Luke led our campaign. The team were very professional, delivered fantastic, friendly customer service taking us through the process quickly and efficiently. I was extremely grateful to them. The campaign was a great success.
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Luke led this project!

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